Why is the titanium material used for implants implants?

Dental implants, everyone says they are easy to use, are as strong, stable and beautiful as real teeth.

What exactly is a titanium material? 

Titanium material is considered a rare metal due to its dispersion in nature and is difficult to extract. It is a silver-white transition metal.

It is characterized by light weight, high strength, metallic luster and good corrosion resistance. Due to its stable chemical properties, good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, as well as high strength and low density, it is known as ‘space metal’.

Light weight

The specific gravity of titanium is small, its specific gravity is 1/4 of that of gold alloy, and 1/2 of that of cobalt-chromium alloy, so the denture made of pure titanium will be much lighter, which can reduce the burden on the remaining tissue in the mouth, and has better performance. comfort.

Moderate hardness

Between the enamel and the dentin, the crown made of pure titanium will not wear too much the opposite natural teeth. Using pure titanium to make the post in the root can make the stress conduction in the root more in line with the physiological model and reduce the risk of root fracture.

Low thermal conductivity

The crown made of pure titanium can better isolate the hot and cold stimuli, which is beneficial to protect the pulp, and there will be no soreness when eating food that is too cold or too hot.

No taste disturbance

Titanium metal has good stability, there is no metallic taste in the mouth, and it does not cause taste disturbance.

X-ray transmittable

Titanium is semi-transmissive to X-rays. Wear a crown made of pure titanium. When taking X-rays, you can check whether there is caries inside the crown, so that early detection and early treatment can be achieved. This is used to make dentures. Advantages that other metal materials do not have.

Good magnetic resonance compatibility

Titanium metal is a non-paramagnetic metal. Compared with the commonly used cobalt-chromium alloy and nickel-chromium alloy, the artifacts generated during MRI examination are extremely small, and the impact on MRI examination is very small. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove pure titanium dentures during the MRI of the head.

Why use it as the preferred material for dental implants?

Because of the many outstanding advantages of titanium material, titanium is the only metal that has no effect on human autonomic nerves and taste, and can also be closely combined with human bone. In dental implant treatment, we use titanium metal to make “artificial tooth roots”, implanted in the alveolar bone.

Pure titanium can be used to make dental crowns, dental bridges and stents for movable dentures. Compared with traditional dental metal materials, titanium metal has excellent physical and chemical properties.