what is titanium pipe used for

There are three main uses of titanium pipe:

1. Titanium pipes are mainly used to make aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by structural parts of rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft.

2. Titanium and its alloys are used in general industries, for making electrodes in electrolysis industry, condensers in power stations, heaters in petroleum refining and seawater desalination, and environmental pollution control devices.

3. Titanium and its alloys have become a corrosion-resistant structural material for the production of hydrogen storage materials and shape memory alloys.

Titanium alloys can be divided into heat-resistant alloys, high-strength alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, low-temperature alloys and special functional alloys according to their uses.

titanium pipe

The density of titanium alloy is generally about 4.51g/cm3, which is only 60% of steel. The density of pure titanium is close to that of ordinary steel. Some high-strength titanium alloys exceed the strength of many alloy structural steels.

Therefore, the strength of titanium pipe is much greater than that of other metal structural materials, so the parts produced have high strength, good rigidity and light weight.

With its excellent characteristics, titanium alloys have gradually become one of the new important structural materials in the development of the aerospace industry.

Titanium alloys are between aluminum and steel in terms of specific gravity, strength and operating temperature range, but titanium alloys have more superior characteristics, that is, they have high specific strength, and also It has good seawater corrosion resistance and ultra-low temperature performance.