What is Titanium Pipe Coil used for?

What is Titanium Pipe Coil?

Titanium Pipe Coil is the most common type of titanium heat exchange equipment. Titanium Pipe Coil plays a major role in the heating and cooling of the medium.

Titanium Pipe Coil is generally divided into two types of fixing methods: detachable and non-detachable. It depends on the medium of the material and the corrosion of the coil material.

However, in the specific design, it is mainly detachable. , so as to facilitate subsequent maintenance and timely cleaning of Titanium Pipe Coil.

How to make Titanium Pipe Coil?

The general production process is to process the titanium straight tube into a spiral or a square or S-shaped coil according to the heat exchange method. The mold is generally bent by manual bending or tooling rolling.

Titanium Pipe Coil has excellent corrosion resistance in many media, so the thickness of the pipe wall can be made thinner, which improves the efficiency of heat transfer;

The surface and inner wall of Titanium Pipe Coil have high smoothness, and the dirt is not easy to stick and stay, and the dirt coefficient is greatly reduced;

Titanium has low density and high strength, and the number of rolling passes depends on the medium. The Titanium Pipe Coil made in this way is flexible and lightweight in volume and weight, and has high practical durability.

What is Titanium Pipe Coil used for?

Titanium coil heat exchangerDue to these advantages, Titanium Pipe Coil is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgical industry, power generation industry, seawater desalination industry, chlor-alkali industry, salt industry, etc.

And Titanium Pipe Coil can also be used in the production of titanium dioxide, glycine, nitroaminophenol, pesticides, fuel chemicals, pesticide intermediates, cyanuric acid, dichlorocyanuric acid, trichlorocyanuric acid and other industries.

Titanium Pipe Coil uses and its features:

1. It has excellent corrosion resistance in various media, and the tube wall is thinner, which increases the heat transfer efficiency.

2. The surface is smooth without scaling layer, and the scaling factor is greatly reduced.

3. Low density, high strength, small size and light weight.

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