What is the most common use of titanium?

What is the most common use of titanium?

Titanium Application:

Airframe: Airplanes and stealth aircraft require light airframes that are capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. Other applications of titanium alloys and pure titanium produced by continuous vacuum annealing are in aircraft turbines, aviation and aviation.Sky fasteners and other aircraft structural parts.

Weapons such as missiles and protective armor also use titanium engines: engine parts that work at high temperatures usually contain nickel alloys. But nickel is very heavy and not suitable for jet engines. Cp ti and alpha-beta。Phase titanium fills this gap and provides lightweight components that can even run on beta transus (7000c to 10500c).

Medical equipment: Grade 23 titanium has many uses in the medical field. Orthopedic nails, cables, and screws all require titanium.Surgical instruments, including staples, springs, joint replacements, and bone fixators, all use ti-6al-4v eli, an α-beta titanium alloy. As a cooling medium, the titanium condenser can survive in salt water for several years, while others tubing material cannot.

Petroleum exploration pipelines: Deep-sea exploration requires lightweight pipelines that can withstand salt and sea water. Alpha-phase titanium is the best candidate for this pipe material.

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    Titanium is a really healthy material and I use titanium wok at home

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