What Are Titanium Anode Baskets?

Titanium anode baskets are a kind of hanging tool used to install anodes on electroplating equipment.

(such as electroplating nickel, titanium anode baskets are filled with nickel cake as anode, cathode is plated part, if copper is plated, then titanium anode baskets are placed with copper balls as anode, cathode When the plated parts are placed, after the direct current is applied, the anode in the titanium anode baskets will dissolve, and the stability of titanium is very strong, so it will not be dissolved, so titanium is often used as the anode hanger).

Advantage of Titanium Anode Baskets

  • Lightweight but very strong and durable
  • High anode efficiency, with uniform anode area
  • Less voltage loss
  • Constant current distribution
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Long-lasting

Titanium anode baskets

Titanium anode baskets can be created with different titanium grades depending on what they will be used for. The titanium meshes used to make titanium anode baskets can either be fine or coarse. The basket sizes can range from two inches to 50 inches in height. They can have diameters of between a quarter of an inch to several feet. Customers can actually ask manufacturers to make these titanium anode baskets according to their preferred dimensions.

Material Grade1 /Grade2 /Pure Titanium
Mesh size 6*3mm ,5*4mm,10*5mm,12.5*4.5mm or customization
Shape Rhombus, Round, Square,customization
Specification Sand blasting,  acid washing, brush coating,etc

The Features of Titanium Anode Baskets

(1)Our titanium anode baskets are fabricated from the purest grade of titanium and are very durable. All of our baskets are spot welded and TIG welded with full argon gas shielding to ensure structural integrity.

(2)They have an excellent finish, with top, side and base reinforced by solid bands and the hooks welded to ensure good electrical conductivity. Hooks can be clad with copper for a higher amperage rating, too.

(3)Besides titanium, our anode baskets can be also made from other corrosion resistant metals such as Zirconium, Niobium, Tantalum,etc.