Various specifications of pure titanium reactors for chemical industry


Titanium reactors, titanium equipment is mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, because of its corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics, in chemical, pharmaceutical production, especially in the corrosion environment, strong corrosion of reaction raw materials, or after the reaction there is a corrosive strong medium production environment.

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Various specifications of pure titanium reactors are used in chemical industry

Product Name Titanium reactors
Shape Customized
Material Pure Titanium Gr1
Size Cusomized

Titanium reactors material is generally selected TA2 pure titanium, with strong corrosion-resistant characteristics, titanium has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, biological affinity, non-toxic and other advantages. The equipment has a long service life, no pollution, no toxicity to the reaction material, and reduces the economic loss and environmental damage caused by maintenance and shutdown.


Titanium reactors

Titanium Reactors have been found to be very cost-effective methods of resisting damaging corrosion.

High quality material selection, to ensure the quality of products

Titanium reactors
Titanium reactors
Maintain normal use in harsh environment, no deformation and rust

The melting point of titanium is 1688℃, high temperature does not soften, extremely cold to maintain toughness

Titanium reactors

Developed by hot rolled technique our Titanium Chemical Reaction Kettles are employed for industrial and medical usages. The internal and external parts of these products are well polished and brushed and are integrated with good welding and concerts. Accoutered with connections such as clamps, butt welds, threads, flanges these come with constant speed as well as changeable speed range. The products have superior bearing to cryogenic property and come with optimal thermal properties, low coefficient of elasticity, great corrosion resistance, low density and advanced efficiency. The Titanium Chemical Reaction Kettles are appreciated for their strength and are resistant to chemicals.


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