Titanium heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger composed of a series of corrugated metal plates. A thin rectangular channel is formed between the different sheets of the heat exchanger, and heat is exchanged through the half sheets. Titanium heat exchangers have a variety of excellent properties of pure titanium, and are mostly used in a variety of seafood aquaculture, seawater heat exchange, salt water heat exchange, chemical industry, food, metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, electroplating, aluminum oxide T and other fields. Crude, salt, paper, electronic communications, central heating and other industries and fields.

Advantages 1. The titanium tube heat exchanger is made of industrial titanium precision. The purity of titanium is 99.7%, with strong corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity and good heat resistance. It is suitable for processing and cooling of low concentration and acidic liquids; the surface is not easy to It produces oxide layer, does not pollute the medium, does not scale, is not easy to block, and protects the environment.

Advantage 2. The titanium heat exchanger is welded by a special process, and the welding interface is tight and stable, and it is not easy to leak.

Advantages 3. The titanium tube heat exchanger has a simple structure, high pressure resistance, adopts an immersion structure, and is installed in the container to be exchanged. It can be made into single-layer or multi-layer according to the container.

Titanium standard parts include Titanium cooling pipe/Zirconium cooling pipe/Stainless steel cooling pipe/Plate heat exchanger, AATI Titanium can provide customization according to your needs, please find the titanium standard parts suitable for your industry below.