The Production Methods Of The Titanium Clad Coppers

The titanium-clad copper manufactured by hot extrusion has high strength and good composite fastness, and it is not easy to separate titanium and copper. However, the titanium-clad copper produced by this method has a rougher surface and lower bending resistance. After the extruded rod is subjected to a certain cold stretching, the surface roughness is improved, the bending resistance is improved, and the product dimensional accuracy can also be improved. Therefore, the titanium-clad copper currently on the market is mainly produced by hot extrusion and stretching.

Advantages of Titanium Copper bar used for electrolysis

1. Supporting strength:
The yield strength of Titanium clad copper rod reaches 135 Mpa and the Tensile-Shear Strength reaches 180~260 Mpa, which fully meets the requirements of production design and achieves the supporting performance of the anode during operation.

2. Corrosion resistance:
The outer layer of the clad copper rod is directly in contact with the electrolyte. The pure Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance (see table below). Its service life is more than 10 times longer than that of the electrodes of other materials.

3. Save energy consumption:.
The explosion+rolling process can make the Ti-Cu composite tightly without delamination, greatly reduce the pollution of electrolyte and electroplating solution, greatly reduce the current resistance to 7.77 *10-6Ω, make the current smoother and consequently save energy consumption.

4. Improving environmental protection effect:
Because Hot extrusion + cold drawing can make the titanium-copper composite completely and tightly without the liquid pollution caused by delamination, because the outer titanium is corrosion-resistant, does not pollute the air and environmental pollution caused by oxidation, and also greatly reduces the overall environmental pollution. We can produce different specifications of Ti clad copper and Zirconium clad copper according to user’s requirements.

High-quality Pure Titanium Clad Copper For Electroplating

Titanium clad copper is a composite material which has a copper core and titanium layer. This structure allows it can carry high current in corrosive processes. Sometimes it is also referred to as Ti clad Cu, Ti/Cu, Ti clad copper, Ti-clad Cu, Ti-Clad copper, Titanium coated copper, Titanium plated copper.

Materials :Pure Titanium + CU

Our Ti-Clad-Cu specification
▲ Clad metal: Titanium
▲ Thickness of clad metal: 0.5 mm to 3.2 mm
▲ Specification: ASTM B432
▲ Available shape: round rod, square bar, rectangle bar