How to make titanium bars in china?

What is the processing technology of titanium rods?

The sponge titanium is melted and cast into ingots, and then billeted and rolled to produce titanium bars. Sponge titanium is the most primitive material for the production of titanium materials, and smelting it will obtain titanium ingots, the initial material for titanium processing.

Manufacturing processes:

  1. Press the electrode, press the sponge titanium through the press to form a dense sponge titanium pressing block electrode;
  2. Vacuum casting, under the conditions of 1700-1800 ℃ and -103pa, vacuum casting the above-mentioned sponge titanium compact electrode for three times;
  3. Open billet, under the condition of 1000 ℃, open billet by hydraulic press, and finally press into square billet;
  4. For the first rolling, under the condition of 970-980 °C, preliminary rolling into a cylindrical shape blank with a rolling mill;
  5. The second rolling, under the condition of 950°C, is rolled into a blank with a rolling mill.

There are many rolling methods, which can be classified according to different characteristics.

Extrusion is classified according to metal flow and deformation characteristics, including forward extrusion, reverse extrusion and special extrusion.

Special extrusion includes hydrostatic extrusion, continuous extrusion, lateral extrusion, combined extrusion, compound extrusion, sheath extrusion, peel extrusion, water seal extrusion, bitter die extrusion, powder extrusion, semi-extrusion Melt extrusion, liquid extrusion, etc.

Extrusion is classified by temperature, including hot extrusion, warm extrusion and cold extrusion.

Hot extrusion and cold extrusion are the two major branches of extrusion

Hot extrusion, commonly known as extrusion, is mainly used in metallurgical industry systems;

Mechanical industry system application cold extrusion;

The development of warm extrusion is relatively late, and the scope of application is also small.

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