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We specialise in the supply of Titanium flange in Grade 1 . Grade 2 , Grade 3 Grade 5 , Grade 7 . Grade 9 Grade 12 .Grade 16 titanium and its alloys . Titanium and Titanium Weld Neck Alloy Flanges find application in various industries suchas pulp and paper industry . water and seawater service , chemical processes involving oxidizing media and oxidizing acidsIn addition to Titanium Flanges .







Gr1  Titanium
Flanges: Weld Neck flange, Slip On flange, Blind flange, Threaded flange, Socket Weld flange, Lap Joint flange, Ring Joint flange, Plate flange, Spectacle blind, LWN, Tube Sheet, Orifice flange, Anchor flange.

Customized Gr1 Titanium flange| Weld Neck Flanges Metal Forging Pure Welding Neck Flange

AATi is specialist producer of Titanium Welding Neck Flanges, with supplies across the globeforged titanium welding neck flange or titanium plate flanges. All the titanium weld neck flange and titanium alloy flangecould be customized as drawing or demands. AATi can supply titanium pipes, titanium fittings, titanium flanges gasketsand titanium fasteners, nuts &x bolts required for any type of piping fabrication project.

Titanium flange is made of non-ferrous titanium or titanium alloy, which is used to connect tubes to tubes. It is attached to the end of the tube.  .

Titanium flanges are perforated and bolted together.  Gasket seals between flanges.  Flanged pipe fittings refer to pipe fittings with flanges (edges or plates).  

It can be cast, threaded or welded.  Flange joint is composed of a pair of flange, a flange and a number of bolts and nuts.

The gasket is placed between the two flange sealing surfaces, and after tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket is deformed after reaching a certain value, and the uneven place on the sealing surface is filled, so that the connection is tight without leakage.

Titanium flange connection is the two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment, first fixed on a flange plate, between the two flanges, coupled with flange pad, bolted together to complete the connection.  Some pipe fittings and equipment have their own flanges, which are also flange connections.  Flange connection is an important connection mode in pipeline construction.  Flange connection is easy to use and can withstand large pressure.  Flange connection is widely used in industrial pipelines.  In the home, the pipe diameter is small, and low pressure, no flange connection visible.  If you are in a boiler room or production site, there are flanged pipes and equipment everywhere.  


Q:Are you Trading Company or Manufacturer?
A:We are the Original Factory selling Titanium Materials and Producing Titanium Finished Products, We can provide the most Favorable Price and high quality Products.

Q:How about Delivery time?
A:If in stock, delivery can be arranged within three days; if the product is custom made, it will take 7 to 35 days.But it depends on your order quantity as well.

Q:Do you provide Sample? is it Free or Extra ?
A:Yes,we could offer the Sample for Free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q:How is your MOQ?
A: Minimum quantity for certain items is only 20 Pcs. But MOQ can be lowered when you buy several different kinds of products together. For more details, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Q:Has your Company acquired any Certificate?
A:We are a manufacturer of titanium products and materials certified by ISO9001 quality management system.

Q:What’s your terms of payment?
A:30%T/T in advance ,balance before shipment L/C.
If you still have any questions, you can contact us by email or phone.


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