Customized Gr1 Gr2 Titanium Disc Rack With Spline and Hook titanium frame connector


Titanium Anodizing Racks offers various styles, Constructed with Commercial Pure Grade Titanium material, they are resistant to corrosion by most solutions used in the anodizing processes and are perfect for volume, long-run productions.Titanium racks have long life because they are not consumed by the chemistry and they do not need stripping after anodize.

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Titanium Disc Rack With Spline and Hook
Customized size
Size(mm)in Bulk Stock
25mm 33mm teeth
Gr1 Gr2

Gr1 hot plated fixture Gr2 titanium anodized fixture titanium frame connector Titanium Disc Rack With Spline and Hook

It is common to see Titanium Head Joint Fasteners the  be a part of these industries. The resistance to corrosion is also a reason why many buyers prefer using the Titanium Gr 5 Hex Bolt for various applications. In the field of medicine, titanium alloys are considered to be biocompatible to tissues. So fixing artificial titanium structures
Titanium tube has light weight, high strength and superior mechanical properties. It is widely used in heat exchange equipment,
such as tubular heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger, serpentine tube heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator and transmission
pipeline, etc. Many nuclear power industries use titanium tubes as standard tubes for their units.

High quality material selection, to ensure the quality of products

Maintain normal use in harsh environment, no deformation and rust
The melting point of titanium is 1688℃, high temperature does not soften, extremely cold to maintain toughness
Titanium screw Titanium and titanium alloy have good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, non-magnetic, low density, high biocompatibility, good low temperature performance, low impedance to ultrasonic wave, high sound transmission coefficient, hydrogen storage and good shape memory function and a series of excellent characteristics of important use value.  Thus in aerospace, petrochemical, healthcare, automotive, construction, and sports and leisure products.


Q:Are you Trading Company or Manufacturer?
A:We are the Original Factory selling Titanium Materials and Producing Titanium Finished Products, We can provide the most Favorable Price and high quality Products.

Q:How about Delivery time?
A:If in stock, delivery can be arranged within three days; if the product is custom made, it will take 7 to 35 days.But it depends on your order quantity as well.

Q:Do you provide Sample? is it Free or Extra ?
A:Yes,we could offer the Sample for Free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q:How is your MOQ?
A: Minimum quantity for certain items is only 20 Pcs. But MOQ can be lowered when you buy several different kinds of products together. For more details, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Q:Has your Company acquired any Certificate?
A:We are a manufacturer of titanium products and materials certified by ISO9001 quality management system.

Q:What’s your terms of payment?
A:30%T/T in advance ,balance before shipment L/C.

If you still have any questions, you can contact us by email or phone.


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