Free sample
You can apply for free samples when ordering our products for the first time. You only needs to bear the freight.
In order to protect your rights and interests, the sample category can only be Titanium screws, Titanium racks titanium wire.

We provide superb product quality just to let the world know AATi’s ability and make our Titanium products made in China famous in the world.Our business is not profitable, just one more client, one more friend.

It relates to the production of its own brand as well as the original brand design, which means that AATi maintains its own brand and uses this brand to market. Design, procurement, production and sales are all completed by a single company, or management outsourcing.

It refers to the production mode in which AATi is entrusted by the purchaser, and AATi is in charge of design and production, while the purchaser is responsible for sales. The purchaser usually authorizes its brand and allows the manufacturer to produce products affixed with this brand.

A modern and popular production method in which the purchaser provides equipment and equipment, the AATi party provides manpower and space, the purchaser is responsible for sales, and the AATi Party is responsible for production. At present, the brand and authorization are provided by the purchaser, and the products affixed with the brand are Created by AATi.