Custom Titanium Round head Machine Screws Corrosion Resistant


Titanium Round  head Machine Screws with countersunk head bolts, better flexibility and oxidation resistance.  It is widely used in various industries. Therefore, titanium alloy will be selected for production of aerospace metals, and titanium screws will be used as the connectors.  

The available sizes

▲  Gr2


▲Disc, round, serpentine, oval etc


▲ Acid wash surface,polished suraface

Custom Titanium Round head Machine Screws Factory Supply
Head Style
Countersunk Head
M1.6 M2 M2.5 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10
Machine Screw
GB 819
Sample Available
Delivery Time
1-3 days
Bulk in PE bag or Small boxes. then in carton. Or can be packed according to your requirement.
Support non-standard customization, OEM & ODM service.

Titanium fasteners as titanium bolts, titanium nuts, titanium washers, titanium tabs, titanium hook support straps, titanium gussets bolts, threaded studs, washers, screws, nuts.Titanium Phillips Screw are lightweight, nonmagnetic, and chemical resistant.We are one of leading titanium fastener manufacturers and suppliers in China. AATi will offer Titanium Round head Machine Screws to worldwide with high performance and the most competitive price as clients’ resuirement. Welcome to wholesale the quality titanium products in stock with our factory.

Titanium Round head Machine Screws The biggest characteristics of titanium material is small density, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, good low temperature performance, in seawater and most acid, alkali, salt medium have good corrosion resistance, in the production of urea, its corrosion resistance is 10 times higher than ultra-low carbon austenitic stainless steel.

Light weight, good elasticity  

Environmental protection materials are non-magnetic and non-toxic

Titanium Round/Pan head Machine Screws
Titanium Round head Machine Screws

Phillips countersunk head bolts is small, the scope of application of using the environment relatively is more special, more use of the specifications of the non-standard, less dosage, customers in the market, it will be very hard to get the right product, for this kind of situation, our company launched “customization service”, as long as you provide size, samples, drawings, we will produce products that meet the requirements for you, try my best to provide customers with solutions.

Rich production experience, understand your needs, more understand your requirements.  The whole network cost-effective, quality assurance, escort for you.   Titanium Round/Pan head Machine Screws
We have a professional R & D team to provide you with high-end customized services.