Custom Titanium Anodizing Basket for Electroplating Water Treatment


Titanium Anodizing Basket have an excellent finish and are designed with the sides and base made from a solid sheet and the hooks welded to ensure good electrical conductivity. Anode baskets usually use in electroplating and can be made in all grades of titanium depending on the application.

The available sizes

▲ Gr1, Gr2

Mesh size

▲6*3mm ,5*4mm,10*5mm,12.5*4.5mm


▲ Support non-standard customization

Custom Titanium Anodizing Basket for Electroplating Water Treatment

1) Precious metal plating(Ag, Au, Rh, Pd)
2) Hard chrome plating(Cr6+)
3) Base metal plating(Cu, Zn, Ni)
4) Precious metal recovery, etc.
    Gr1  Gr2 
   Length x Width x Thickness
400 * 120 *50mm, 500 *130 *55mm, 600 * 150 * 55mm,
700 * 175 x 60mm, 800 * 195 * 60mm, 900 * 215 * 65mm,
1000 * 250 * 65mm, 1400 * 300 * 50mm,etc
1) Toughness, light weight,Stability dimension
2) Lower electricity consumption,high catalytic
3) Strong corrosion resistance,long working life
4) High property of acid and alkali resistance
5) Bear high & low temperature, etc.    

Titanium Anodizing Basket selection of high-quality industrial pure titanium TA2 titanium purity of 99.7%, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for all kinds of loads in the plating bath anode material, such as electroplating nickel, Titanium Mesh Basket inside bread filled with nickel as anode, cathode is plated parts, if the copper plating,Titanium Mesh Basket is placed copper ball as anode, cathode plating parts, after direct current (dc), Titanium Mesh Basket of anode would melt,  Titanium is very stable and will not be dissolved, so titanium is often used as an anode hanger.  

Titanium Anodizing Basket

High hardness is 2 times higher than copper, 10 times higher than aluminum Pollution-free healthy lead free, environmental non-toxic pollution-free
corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance

No rust, moisture resistance and oxidation resistance

Titanium Anodizing Basket
Titanium Anodizing Basket
Maintain normal use in harsh environment, no deformation and rust

The melting point of titanium is 1688℃, high temperature does not soften, extremely cold to maintain toughness

Titanium Anodizing Basket


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A:We are a manufacturer of titanium products and materials certified by ISO9001 quality management system.

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