Characteristics and Maintenance of Titanium Reactor

What is Titanium Reactor?

Titanium Reactor is highly cost-effective over the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Characteristic of Titanium Reactors:

  • Deliver many years of economical service life
  • Eliminate expensive downtime due to equipment failure
  • Provide outstanding Corrosion Resistance
  • Accommodate high steam pressure
  • Remove possibilities of process fluid leaks

Titanium reactors

Titanium reactors








By application:

  • Chemical Reactor, Biochemical Reactor, Food Reactor

According to pressure:

  • Atmospheric pressure reactor, low pressure reactor, high pressure reactor

According to the manufacturing material:

  • Laboratory Reactor, Stainless Steel Reactor, Titanium Reactor

According to heating method:

  • Electric heating titanium reactor, steam heating titanium reactor, far infrared heating titanium reactor, heat conduction oil heating titanium reactor

Maintenance of titanium reactor should always pay attention to the maintenance of the entire equipment and reducer.

First, Maintenance of the transmission device:

The stirrer used in the titanium reactor has requirements on the rotational speed, and the motor is mainly adapted to the reducer for stirring the entire movement process. The vertical installation of the reducer needs to ensure that the lubrication is in a good state, there is no vibration or leakage, and it has always been in a normal operation state.

For this, it is necessary to focus on strengthening the daily maintenance control. The reducer will vibrate during the rotation process. The main reasons are the following aspects, which need to be adjusted in time.

(1) The load in the kettle is too large or the feeding is uneven.

(2) The center distance of the gear or the backlash of the gear is not reasonably controlled.

(3) The machining accuracy of the gear surface does not meet the relevant standard requirements. If the temperature rise during the test run of the reducer is higher than the standard, the main reasons are that the shaft is bent and deformed, the shaft sleeve and the shaft are too tight, the sealing ring or packing is not well controlled, and the bearing is worn and loose.

Second, the maintenance of the mixer:

A very important part in the titanium reaction kettle is the agitator. During normal operation, it is necessary to focus on strengthening the swing amount to control it within a reasonable range.

The agitator cannot be reversed, and at the same time, keep a distance from the coil pipe, pressure tube and thermometer sleeve in the kettle to prevent collision. Periodically inspect the stirrer for corrosion, cracks and deformation. The stirring device of the intermediate bearing or bottom bearing needs to be checked from the following aspects.

(1) Clearance of the bottom bearing bush (or bearing).

(2) Is there any material in the lubricating oil of the intermediate bearing? Check whether the bolts are loose to prevent the reactor from vibrating.

Maintenance attention points:

(1) The titanium reactor needs to strictly follow the relevant standards during operation to prevent the occurrence of excessive temperature and high pressure.

(2) Strictly control the temperature according to the requirements.

(3) It is necessary to prevent the superposition of temperature difference stress and internal pressure stress to ensure that the equipment will not be strained.

(4) The ratio of ingredients should be strictly controlled to prevent violent reactions.

The control of the temperature of the titanium reactor is mainly affected by the process system of the chemical reaction. Therefore, in order to better control the temperature of the titanium reactor, it is necessary to be familiar with the relevant process system.

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