Shenzhen Yataixin Metal Co., Ltd.. An enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of non-ferrous metal materials and deep-processed products. The electrocatalytic electrode products created and produced by the company include: ruthenium-iridium-coated titanium anode, iridium-tantalum-coated titanium anode plate, titanium platinum-plated anode, titanium-coated ruthenium anode plate, sodium hypochlorite electrolytic cell and other electrocatalytic electrodes and electrolytic cells.

ResearchThe company has many years of experience in electrochemical materials research and development, and has a engineering team headed by a technical director with rich experience in domestic metal anti-corrosion and protection. After the upgrade, the spacious and bright factory building, multiple production lines, equipment and talent team make the company have a certain degree of competitiveness. The metal electrode products developed and created have been extensively applied in various fields, such as cathodic protection, water treatment, hydrometallurgy, chlor-alkali, factory electroplating, electrophoresis, biological electrosynthesis, aluminum foil production, copper foil production and electrolytic disinfection, electrolysis of water Various fields such as hydrogen production and ion water generation. Products are imported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, North Africa and other regions.

Uchuang Environmental Technology is pledged to becoming a strong supplier in the field of electrochemical electrode materials through continuous improvement of technology, plant and equipment, with technology as the guarantee and product innovation as the guidance.

Main business

Electrochemical equipment and accessories: electrochemical industrial wastewater treatment electrolyzer, sodium hypochlorite generator, electrochemical electrolyzer, other industrial electrolyzers.

Electrochemical electrode materials: oxide-coated titanium anode, electrocatalytic oxide anode, DSA insoluble anode, etc. Deep processing of other titanium metal and metal electrode materials, etc.

Provide design, manufacturing and consulting services for anti-corrosion, electrodeposition, and electrochemical advanced water treatment projects.

In the process of anode production and research and development, we spent 15 years, in-depth research in order to do better, in order to provide customers with the best experience.