Quality Policy
Strictly monitor risks, strengthen processes, manage to improve, improve quality and efficiency, and customer satisfaction

Company quality control
1. Inspection and certification institutions are separate of production
2. Independent inspection/testing and control including the quality of produced materials, semi-completed products, and finished products
3. Carry out the assessment, selection, control, and inventory compilation of qualified suppliers and outsourcing parties year by year
4. Establish a total of 36 quality system program control documents from qualified supplier evaluation, raw material re-inspection, production process control to customer service
5. Perfect work instruction and management system
6. Perfect customer service system

Quality certification
1. GB/T19001-2008 IDT ISO9001:2008 standard quality management scheme certification;
2. According to GB/T190022.1-1994 IDT ISO10012-1:1992 “Quality Assurance Requirements for Measuring Equipment Part One: Measuring and Testing System for Measuring Equipment”, “Metrics Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision on “Improving the Enterprise The principal requirements of the measurement and inspection system”, the establishment of the measurement and inspection system for measurement equipment, and the “Quality Certificate” of the National Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau;