Shenzhen Yatixin Metal Co., LTD., specialized in rt and production of non-ferrous titanium and titanium alloy for more than 20 years, with annual sales of more than 400 tons, has a first-class rtd base for titanium and titanium alloy production. Professional commitment to a non-ferrous metal research career. Relying on the diversified industry resources of “China Titanium Valley”, strong scientific research and manufacturing strength of non-ferrous metals, complete titanium industrial manufacturing industry line, the company is mainly engaged in the production and processing, equipment manufacturing and source material sales of titanium and titanium alloy and other rare metal materials. The company has passed the IS09001 quality management system certification, and earned the “titanium and titanium alloy production license” issued by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

The company has r&d department, technology department, quality inspection department, production department, sales department and finance department with more than 100 management and professional production and engineering personnel. The company has 2500 tons of hydraulic press, 600 type plate bending machine, 1.5 tons of air hammer, gold wire drawing machine, VCF sponge titanium melting furnace and other large non-ferrous metal production and processing equipment. Two vCF-1500 vacuum consumable electrode arc furnaces are designed and produced by Shenyang Vacuum Technology Institute, a first-class vacuum institution. They are the advanced arc furnaces in the sponge titanium melting and processing industry in China at present. Yatixin has a group of qualified technical and management elites, based on the domestic market, to develop the international market.

In order to enhance the production efficiency for customers, decrease the manufacturing cost of products, improve the overall market competitiveness of products for the purpose, relying on high technology, adhere to the quality-oriented, credibility first purpose, to provide our customers with high-quality products. Yatixin is offered to become your trustworthy friend.